Out and about : East Riddlesden Hall

Our second trip with the National Trust card and this time we went to our nearest spot, East Riddlesden Hall. It was much smaller than I expected and quiet for a Saturday although the tea-rooms were full when we arrived. Nevermind as I always pack a picnic.

 I asked one of the friendly room guides whether there were any ghosts haunting the property and then I learnt that it is the MOST haunted National Trust property in the country. She told me that she won't ever stand in the green bedroom as she feels something oppressive around her when she enters. Wooooo!. There are various ghosts in many of the rooms she said - the tearooms are haunted by a mother and her two boys, there was a murdered Scotsman in the small room with the rose window. Would you dare to spend the night alone here? For a £1 million?

Kids are entertained : here's the mud-pie kitchen in the gardens

Nature bursting into life

And the cutest lambs playing


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