Weekend movie trilogy : Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight

June 16, 1994, on a train travelling from Budapest, Jesse and Celine meet for the first time and here begins cinema's longest running (and probably the best) love story. We meet them again in 2004 (Before Sunset) and then in 2013 (Before Midnight). American backpacker Jesse, persuades Parisian student Celine, to get off the train with him in Vienna and spend the night with him. There is no action- just the most wonderful, natural and charming dialogue you'll ever hear at the movies and set against the visually appealing backdrops of Vienna (Before Sunrise), Paris (Before Sunset) and Greece (Before Midnight).

Time, or rather, lack of it, is noticeable throughout. Conscious of the clock ticking and making sure that every second counts - they have only an afternoon and night in Vienna, a just a few hours in Paris and in Before Sunset the lack of time as individuals when parenting and work take precedence.
The endings are so deliciously ambiguous as well. As Jesse says in the movie, that's all down to you, are you a pessimist or a romantic. Do they make it? What do you think?

What makes these movies so appealing, is that almost everyone can relate to the "one who got away". Sigh*

Celine "Maybe we're only good at brief encounters.. walking around in European cities.. in one climate"


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