Brontë Country

A trip on a steam train to Haworth, West Yorkshire, the village where the Brontë sisters lived and wrote. We found this 11km (7 mile) walk from the Guardian newspaper which starts at the Brontë church to Top Withins, the ruined farm house supposedly the inspiration for Wuthering Heights.

The trail uses the Pennine Way for the return journey back to the Brontë parsonage.
Note* Carry double the amount of water you think you'll need and enough cash for a drink at one of the pubs in Stanbury. I tell you, nothing is better than a cold, full sugar PINT of coca cola with ice cubes!

One of the pretty houses in Haworth

 Brontë bridge - a small clapper bridge across a stream that cuts the moors

Lunch and map check 

I see you,  Mr Grouse 


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