My Japan trip : The food,or, How to eat inexpensively in Japan


One of the most surprising things for me was the fact that you could eat both well and inexpensively.
We discovered the beauty of Japanese convenience stores for breakfast items, and Japanese chains such as Yoshinoya and CoCo Ichibanya. Mostly though, we checked the boards outside independent noodle shops and restaurants. Eating this way meant that we stayed well fed for around 2,000 yen a day (£10, 13 Euros, $17 US). And that is the price for two!

As we were busy everyday our best plan for breakfast was picnic style from the local convenience stores like 7-11 and Lawson's on the way the underground/bullet train.

What I love about Japanese food
1) There are vending machines EVERYWHERE. You will never, ever go thirsty here. And not only cold drinks either. There is hot, milky, sweet coffee to be had Check out the photo below.

Our usual Japanese breakfast on-the-run consisted of hot coffe, onigiri (filled rice triangles)

and every morning I would check out the bakery section for "breakfast surprise".

One morning I really craved for bread so we visited a Kyoto coffee shop for a salty egg and toast.

Egg sushi breakfast picnic outside a temple

 Out and about.. snacks and street food

I didn't eat this.. but I've never seen cucumber on a stick before :)

Beef buns 

Dango - dumplings with sweet soy sauce 

Green tea ice-cream


Most restaurants look like this. Isn't that great?  You don't have to stop at every restaurant window and read the menu like in Europe. The cool thing is that all the display food is super realistic fake plastic food. Oh yes!

In some restaurants you don't even have a waiter to take your order. Once inside, you go to the menu ATM to place your order. It's a bit like Star Trek isn't it? Of course it doesn't materialize in front of you like a replicator. The chef in the kitchen cooks to order and then a real life waiter/waitress will bring it to your table ^^

Tempura vegetables and udon noodles

Osaka style okonomiyaki. It's a Japanese style savoury pancake with vegetables, and meat on the top

Osaka beer and and Okonomiyaki with local baseball on the tv

in Hiroshima to find the famous version of their Okonomiyaki. There is a whole district with only this style of restaurant. How do you choose?

we trusted Grandma style!

The Hiroshima version has a choice of noodles in their pancake. To be honest Hiroshima style was my favourite. Sorry Osaka :)

I really wanted to try natto which is fermented soy bean and supposed to be a delicacy and very friendly. I ate mine in a curry! It was stringy but good :)

mango and almond puddings

Hambugu (burgers japanese style). Super delicious.

Mount Fuji water

Inside a curry house late one night

A bowl of Ramen with Gyoza fried dumplings - slurping encouraged!
Tendon tempura. OISHII! 
and the funny...

Surprisingly refreshing Pocari sweat ^^ (It's an energy drink)


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