A weekend before Christmas in Dresden

While there wasn't any snow on the ground or even a nip in the air, Dresden still puts on a very charming and festive Christmas spirit. Mum and Dad came with me for a long weekend in the oldest Christmas Market in Germany.
A coffee bike. What a great invention!

Baumstriezel, or, Kürtőskalács (a Hungarian sweet pastry best enjoyed hot  and covered with cinnamon and sugar)

Searching for the 2014 special ornament

Ja bitte!

A trip to pretty Meissen

Baum cake

The Brauhaus Brewery

Lining up our beers

The in-house brewery

You can't come to Germany and not eat Schnitzel. This is a very fancy one stuffed with mustard and onions.
A trip for very fresh air and a walk around Saxon Switzerland


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