Back in running shoes

Back into running shoes again. I can't kid myself any more - it is impossible to eat the same food as a non-runner and not gain weight. No amount of daily walking is enough to shave off my penchant for cheese and onion crisps and biscuits for dunking in my tea.
So, I've loaded up my iPod and taken to the treadmill for some serious fat busting workouts. I'm concentrating on interval training for the first few weeks - 1 minute fast with 2 minutes recovery (8 times).

I had to buy another pair of capris as well - discovered this Canadian brand, MPG in TK Maxx last Saturday. I'm impressed - it has a  really good quality feel, a nice dense fabric with nice little details and of course the all-important zipped pocket for your house/car key.

Here are some images from their women's Spring 2015 lookbook.


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