Anglesey coastal path : Cemaes to Church Bay

A short but very sweet weekend trip back to visit my parents. How lovely it is to be looked after- my wonderful Mum made my favourite dishes and the cupboards were stocked with treats and cake. It was a good job the weather was kind to us - Dad and I walked some of the North western side of the coastal path. Here are some of the photos I took along the way....

The colony of Sandwich Terns at Cemlyn nature reserve


And another....

The scary bit.. crossing the path of sleeping bulls....

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The tiny and ancient church of Saint Rhwydus

Spring wild flowers on the grassy cliff tops. This is called Spring Squill.

The white ladies.. viewed from the sea and lined up one behind the other,  they point to dangerous reefs. 

My favouite smell in the world is the strong coconut smell of gorse mixed with sea air. mmmmmm

Milking time. We had to stop and wait for over 520 cows snaking across the horizon as they made their journey to the milking sheds. The farmer said they milk over 274 cows an hour. Amazing,

Little calves for market

The rich wildlife on this corner of the island. I saw 2 brown hares - rare enough these days :)


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