Summer holiday 2015 : One week in Iceland

Day 1: Reykjavik "Solfar" (Sun Voyager)

Dry haddock or rotten shark, anyone?

Harpa Concert Hall

Search and Rescue

Day 2: On the road to Akureyri

3,000 year old lava field, Grábrók crater

Sunny, cold and very windy
Vidimyrarkirkja - a beautiful example of an Icelandic turf church. One of only 6 still standing.
The Icelandic horse... Love love love!

It's a long road.. to Akureyri

My favourite Icelandic city. Second largest city in Iceland with population of... 18,000. 

Checking out the whale watching boat. We sail out in the fjord the next night, 8.30 pm.

View from our hotel room window. Binoculars at the window we actually saw a whale blow. Too excited to sleep.

Skútustaðir - pseudo craters that were created by steam explosions when lava flowed over the wetlands
and now a wonderful place for bird watching

Námaskarð - the very smelly, eggy sulphur of this volcanic mountain

Dimmuborgir - a walk through the totally random lava sculptures and caves

Iceland's national flower "Mountain Avens" growing amongst the lava rocks
Grjotagja - an old cave
Dropping down to take a closer look

Amazing hot water pool with clear blue water
My "omg it's freezing" look
The crack in the world. I jumped from the North American tectonic plate and the Eurasian.

Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe
8.30 pm time for whale watching
I think I see something...
There were 5 or 6 Humpback whales in the fjord and SO unbelievably close to us.

Icelandic Love Balls

Tasty love balls

Pretty horse at the  hotel
Alpine lupines were growing  EVERYWHERE in Iceland

Whooper swans flying alongside us

Can you spot me?

A garden in the little seaside town of Djúpivogur

You need big wheels living here

Arctic tern babies waiting for their dinner. They just hatch all fluffy on the ground calling for their parents to bring more food.
Outstanding lobster soup in the fishing town of Höfn.
Jökulsárlón - a glacial lake in Vatnajökull National Park

Feeding time for baby. These amazing birds migrate 70,000 km a year and live up to 30 years old.


The moss that grows all over the lava stones covering them like a luxurious carpet
The Church at Vik

The black sanded beach at Vik

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world? Plus it is home to a large puffin colony. The 

The first view of these cute little birds

I made a new friend
Dried fish anyone?

Yummy salmon

9pm stroll just steps outside of our hotel

and more Alpine lupines

Turf houses at Skógar

Inside the Folk Museum



Off to find a cairn

Thingvellir National Park
Could these ladies toilets possibly have the best view in the world?
Back to Reykjavik and a chance for a rest before the early flight back home. What an amazing holiday. I will be back Iceland - I really love you!


  1. nice pictures!! from Steven ;)


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