Cielo Blanco

Streetfood is such a big thing here at the moment. We've eaten at excellent Thai, Vietnamese and Indian places in Leeds but this evening we chose Cielo Blanco, a Mexican restaurant on the top floor of the Trinity Shopping Centre.

This chili fiend was very excited to look at the menu and wasn't at all disappointed. We decided on this great offer of 6 dishes for £11.95 per person which I thought was great value. Sadly, one of my choices, the Mexican dumplings had sold out earlier that day. I guess it means another return trip to try them. Oh what a shame!

So this is what we ordered: 1) Sweet peppers, potato, manchego and roasted garlic tacos. 2) Smoky chicken and roasted sweetcorn quesadillas,  3) Chorizo, potato & ranchera salsa tostada 4) Shredded chicken empanadas 5) Chipotle grilled mushrooms flautas 6) Homemade stuffed jalapenos


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