My perfect country

Is it hard to bring to mind anything that is working well in the world right now? Every morning the bad news stories hit you with a full punch in the face - the refugee crisis, environmental disasters and barbarous acts of terrorism.

I am on the search for some positiveness in the world and I don't mean to do that by watching cuddly kitties on Youtube. That is when I found this interesting series, My Perfect Country, on the BBC World Service.

"In a world where a lot is going wrong there is also a lot going right. So what if you could build a country - with policies that actually worked?"
Its like being given a copy and paste tool, where you build your own country from scratch. I just listened to episode 1 looking at Estonia, the most advanced digital society in the world. Estonia has the fastest broadband speed anywhere, and the first nation to introduce online voting during a General Election. An Estonian citizen also has total ownership of their own data. Imagine that?


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