It's my birthday

I woke up to text messages beeping me "Happy Birthday!" which is one of the  lovely ways to start the day. At some time around 7:30 a.m. I had DS2 tiptoe in my room fumbling with my mobile phone to turn off the alarm. "Shhhh! go back to sleep" he said.

An hour later there was another beep on the phone with a very cryptic "Find me when you wake up. Ignore everything in your way". 

The cutie had staged a treasure hunt around the house with letters that made up the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".  He'd been downstairs to set up the kitchen table with my cards and had put the chocolate fudge cake onto the glass cake stand.  We breakfasted on cherry liqueurs (the chocolates!) and tea, and I went back to sit in bed with my Chromebook, books and magazines where I was given a bell. For my birthday treat, all I had to do was ring the bell and a cup of tea would appear. Awesome! My own butler for the day!

Apart from that, the day consisted of junk food and wine. I say there is absolutely nothing wrong with that on your birthday!

Best present: My new head torch. For adventures in the dark, and for evening runs in Winter.


Note: I wasn't too demanding. I rang 3 or 4 times maximum. Honest.

Now, if it was this bell.......

 Memories of St. Pancras Champagne Bar...


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