Organic September

It is more expensive and I am on a very tight budget, but eating proper, organic food is very close to my heart.   Since I am unable to make a total switch I prioritise the items important for me, the everyday things that make their way into my shopping trolley every week. (Tip: Aldi is a good place to shop for fruit and veg)

Here's where I am making a switch to Organic and my reasoning:

  • Apples. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" but I found out tha the humble, everyday apple has the most pesticide residue of all.
  • Pork -  This is the only way I can guarantee that the animals have higher welfare not been pumped full of antibiotics and hormones and locked in a shed their whole, short lives.
  • Chicken - likewise. (I eat beef and lamb too, but here in Britain, they are all free range - and remember I having to prioritise!)
  • Milk and dairy - Because the dairy cows won't have been given antibiotics and growth hormones, and can pasture on proper grass just like you imagine in your head.
  • Carrots - "If everyone who currently buys carrots switched to organic, an extra 17,500 football pitches worth of organic land would provide a safe haven for wildlife – there would be around 50% more wildlife and 30% more species of wildlife on the farms used to produce those organic carrots." - Soil Association
  • Grapes - full of pesticides. (This gets me onto the important subject of wine - l should look out for organic too!)
  • Chocolate - because it should always be a luxury!


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